Thursday, August 9, 2012

August 9: Keys Found

Well, I turned my house upside down again looking for my keys.  I searched through our vehicles.  Nothing.  I was an absolute basket case.

My wife told me to sit down and pray.  I was tired.  Defeated.  Depressed.  I sat down and closed my eyes.  I said this prayer:  "Saint Anthony, I give up.  Please show me where my keys are."  I cleared my head.  Then, I had a vision.  Literally.  I saw the roof of my wife's car.  I saw my keys sitting on top of it.

I grabbed a flashlight and went outside.  I shined my beam on the exact place I saw in my mind.

The keys were sitting there in the dark.

Marty is going to be the patron saint of Saint Anthony fans.

Saint Anthony put a smile on my face

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