Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August 7: "Dark Knight" Date

Tonight, my wife and I are going to see The Dark Knight Rises.  By ourselves.  It's the first date we've had in months.  We're both looking forward to it a great deal.  I wanted to see this movie, even though it's not exactly a "date" movie.  A movie like Terms of Endearment is a date movie.  Batman is more of a drinking buddy kind of film, if you have drinking buddies.  Since I don't, my wife will be my drinking buddy tonight, even though neither of us will be drinking anything with alcohol in it.

The editor for Blogger is not moving very fast at the moment.  I'm lucky if I get five words typed before the blue circle of death appears.  I need to give my son a bath and pick up my daughter, who is at her grandma's house.  Then I have to pick up the babysitter.  Yes, the blue circle of death has not appeared yet, and I'm on my fifth line of continuous text.  I'm going to cut my losses and end the post here.

Saint Marty has a date to get ready for.

Batman and romance tonight

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