Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August 8: The Summit, the Car

Well, we made it to the top of the mountain this morning.  This is what my kids looked like at the bottom:

This is what my kids looked like at the top:

It was a good climb.  We took the difficult trail, which might have been a mistake.  But, after twenty minutes of rocks and roots and steep stairs, we were staring down at Lake Superior.  It was a gorgeous day.

The mechanic called as we were descending.  It wasn't good news.  Over two thousand dollars in repairs.  Of course, I told him to just complete the oil change.  I've had enough of dealerships.  I'm taking my car to a local mechanic tomorrow.  The difference:  $60 per hour versus $180 per hour.

Saint Marty's momma didn't raise no fools.

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