Sunday, December 18, 2011

December 18: Shabby Little Office

I couldn't face being cooped up for the rest of my life in a shabby little office.

George's shabby office
George Bailey makes this statement to his father, Peter Bailey, when Peter asks his son to consider taking over the family business, a Building & Loan. George, being young and ambitious, wants to escape the small town of Bedford Falls and make his mark on the world.  He's dreamed his whole life of travelling and building things.  His father's request would pretty much sentence George to a lifetime of scraping by, always worrying about money and bills.  Basically, because of Peter's untimely death, George ends up with just the existence he was trying to escape.  He ends up being his father.  A good man whom everybody loves and respects.  George will never live in the best house or drive the best car.  He will never be Mr. Potter.

I think I've lived my life always dreaming of something better.  I come from a family of plumbers.  My grandpa.  My dad.  All of my brothers.  My sister.  Plumbers.  I knew at a pretty young age I did not want to be a plumber.  I don't have anything against the profession.  It's a very honorable trade.  However, I knew I didn't want to spend my life worrying about people bathtubs and sewers.  It just wasn't for me.

That doesn't mean that I have my dream job right now.  I work in a medical office, registering patients and putting together medical charts.  The office is, by no means, shabby.  However, I really don't want to be working as a medical records clerk for the rest of my life, either.  My dad worked his ass off his whole life, and now he's living on social security checks.  He wasn't able to save a whole lot of money, so he's still pinching pennies.  But my dad loved what he did.  He loved plumbing.  Peter Bailey loves what he does, as well.  He loves helping people get a leg up in the world.  Buy their own houses.  Save some money.  George's big problem in the movie is that he doesn't see the rewards of his life.  George only sees his problems.

I think that's my problem right now, too.  I focus on the job I don't have, the things I can't do.  I need to start giving thanks for the blessings of my life.  My family.  My wife.  My children.  My shabby little office.

That really will give Saint Marty a wonderful life.

A new cartoon to provide a chuckle:

Confessions of Saint Marty

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