Monday, December 5, 2011

December 5: Turkey's In the Oven

My daughter's favorite
I just spoke with my wife.  We're having a Jennie-O turkey loaf for dinner tonight, since it's my daughter's favorite.  If my daughter has any say in it, we'll also be serving mashed potatoes, gravy, and corn.  It's her birthday.  She gets what she wants.  It's only fair.

This afternoon, I tried to administer an online course evaluation for my Good Books class.  I'd done all the prep work.  I e-mailed my students the link, including the course number.  I primed them with all the instructions.  It was going great, and then each and every student told me they couldn't log into the evaluation.  Well, I made an emergency call to the English department secretary who created the system and evaluation.  Turns out my Good Books class was somehow overlooked in entering the correct data.  Bottom line:  I couldn't do my evaluations today.

I think technology is wonderful at times.  I have a blog.  That proves I'm not a techno-phobe.  At other times, however, technology just seems to complicate a process that was working just fine.  The bubble sheets with the fill-in-the-dot answers and number two Ticonderogas are just fine with me.  Now, before I give my exam on Wednesday, I have to do my evaluations.  Not working that smoothly for me.  Still wouldn't turn down an iPad for Christmas, though.

Now, I have to get my Mythology final exam put together.  It took me almost three hours to do my Good Books final.  In addition to the Mythology final, I have to create a Mythology quiz for tomorrow, as well.  It's going to be a long night.

Saint Marty needs a vacation.

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