Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December 14: It's Another Wonderful Blog

I'm glad I know you, George Bailey.

Violet Bick says this to George when she's about to leave town.  George gives her some money (even though he's near broke himself) and words of encouragement.

Aside from the fact that Violet was portrayed by one of the sexiest stars of the time (Gloria Grahame), this little exchange sort of epitomizes, for me, what this whole movie is about.  It's about being kind to people who are down on their luck, even if you're down on your luck, too.  It's about giving people a leg up, or a back up, or a whatever up.

I can't really think of a better goal in life:  making people feel better about themselves.  That's a pretty good lesson to learn.  George makes a difference in Violet's life.  Not because of the money he gives her, but because of the kindness he shows her.  He makes her feel important, that she somehow matters.

I want to be George Bailey at that moment.  Not because he gets to kiss Gloria Grahame (that's just a bonus).  I want to be George because he's the kind of person who makes other people feel better about themselves.

Some day, I want somebody to say to me,

I'm glad I know you, Saint Marty.

George checking out Violet

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