Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December 6: Mythology Final, Wrapping Up, Big Sigh

Well, my Mythology final exam is completed.  I think it's a fair final, and I think my students will do well on it.  I plan on going over its make-up in our review session this afternoon.  There will be no surprises.  As a person who detests surprises about as much as I detest any form of rodent, I will not put surprises on my exam.  Unless they're cute and funny.

It feels like I'm finally wrapping up things for the semester, typing up loose ends.  I like the closure.  So get this straight:  surprise--bad, closure--good.  I'm looking for closure on this semester.

Tonight, I have to help move the equipment for our band to another church.  We have a gig tomorrow night for a woman's group.  I'm not sure if "gig" is quite the right word for a Christian rock band.  There should be something that sounds a little more...sacred.  But that's what I have to work with.  After I help move that equipment, I'm going to go home, put my son to bed, and then heave a big sigh.  No, a huge sigh.  The hugest sigh that was ever heaved.  A sigh that makes Hurricane Katrina look like a deep breath.

Saint Marty wants to kick back.

The defense rests

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