Friday, September 20, 2013

Septmber 19 Make-Up 2: Falling Rock Cafe and Bookstore Night

So, I spent yesterday evening in Munising, Michigan, at the Falling Rock Cafe and Bookstore.  It was an event celebrating nature writing and, more particularly, the Nature Writing Essay Contest I entered this summer.  You may remember that I took First Honorable Mention.

I have to thank my good friend, Lon Emerick, and his wife, Lynn, for organizing the event.  They are warm and wonderful people who love writers and good writing.  I also have to thank Nancy Dwyer, co-owner of the Falling Rock, for hosting the event (and giving me a $20 gift certificate to her fine establishment).

The citizens of Munising showed up in big numbers for a bunch of writers reading essays about lakes and trees and cabins and albino deer.  I had my doubts about attendance as I was driving to the event.  I thought we'd end up with five or ten people, if we were lucky.  By the time we started reading, there were over 20 people there.

It was a wonderful night, and I met a lot of really nice people and made some really good connections.  I may even be invited back for a poetry reading.

That's why Saint Marty didn't blog last night.  He was just pooped.  Period.

Thanks to the Falling Rock...

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