Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 10: Goddam Composition, Daughter's Paragraph, Weekly Prayer

Then when he was taking off his tie, he asked me if I'd written his goddam composition for him.  I told him it was over on his goddam bed...

Holden does his roommate's homework for him at the beginning of CatcherDespite the fact that he's flunked out of every school on the East Coast, Holden is a really intelligent kid.  He's just a little messed up at the moment.

My twelve-year-old daughter is currently having a major meltdown because she wants my help with a paragraph she has to write for her Language Arts class tomorrow.  In ten sentences, she has to analyze a passage of writing her teacher has provided.  My daughter will not let me read the passage, and she won't let me read the seven sentences she's already completed.  She's crying and frustrated, and I'm ready to put her out on the curb with a sign that reads, "Free to a good home."

I have one prayer this evening:

Dear God,

Please stop me from killing my daughter tonight.

Your loving child,

Saint Marty

I feel your pain, Darth

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