Friday, September 13, 2013

September 13: Father Solanus Casey, Designs, a Sign

So last night I was feeling pretty sorry for myself.  I started cleaning my house.  I scrubbed the toilet, mopped the bathroom floor.  All the time, I was thinking, "God, I need a sign here that there's a reason for all of the crap that's happened this week, cuz I don't get it."  By this time, I was on the front porch with the vacuum cleaner.  Right before I started vacuuming, I saw the pile of mail sitting on the floor below the mail slot.

I picked up the stack of envelopes and started flipping through them.  I came across a letter from the Solanus Casey Center in Detroit.  The center is a Capuchin monastery, and it was named after Solanus Casey, a priest and holy man whose cause for sainthood is currently under consideration by the Vatican.

Inside the letter was a little holy card with a picture of Solanus Casey on it and this prayer:  "Thank you God ahead of time for all your designs on my life!"

OK, God, Saint Marty got Your message.

A sign from God...

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