Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September 3: Belching Lessons, First Day of School, Prayer

While I was walking toward the door, old Phoebe said, "Holden!" and I turned around.

She was sitting way up in bed.  She looked so pretty.  "I'm taking belching lessons from this girl, Phyllis Margulies," she said.  "Listen."

One of Salinger's greatest strengths in Catcher is his ability to really capture young characters.  Holden's sister, Phoebe, reminds me of my kids.  My daughter can burp like a pro.  All she needs is a can of Diet Coke.  My son, on the other hand, can fart with the best of them.  Put both of my kids in the same room, and it will be like watching the sequel to Bridesmaids.

It was the first day of school today.  I was lucky enough to be able to see my kids off at the bus stop this morning.  My son started kindergarten.  Seeing his face in the window of the bus, waving, nearly killed me.  He looked small and more than a little afraid.  That's the hardest part of the job of being a parent.  Letting go.  I've never been great at letting go of anything.  If there were cribs for twelve-year-olds, I'd have one for my daughter.

Both of my childrren came home from school unharmed.  My daughter had no homework.  My son had a form for a magazine subscription.  Yes, we're already being solicited for money on day one.  Tomorrow, I'm expecting a permission slip for a $10,000 class trip to Paris or Poland.

Yes, I'm very thankful for the end of this day.  Oh, and I also had my first full day back to work.

Dear Big Guy in Charge (and I'm not talking abouut Bill Gates),

Thanks for a successful day.  It's been long, but we all survived.  I'm not going to take up a lot of Your time tonight.  You know all the things in my heart right now, anyway.

So, thanks, and could You do it again tomorrow?


Your loving child,

Saint Marty

My son saying "goodbye"

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