Thursday, September 5, 2013

September 5: Praying for My Son

I spent the day praying that my son did well in his kindergarten class today.  Seriously.  I worried all day long about him.  I felt like he was applying to medical school, joining the armed forces, or signing up to be a Republican.  It was awful.

He did much better today, according to his teacher.  Better morning.  Rough mid-morning.  Good afternoon.  Nobody can tell me that prayer doesn't work.

I know I sound ridiculous.  I have to keep reminding myself, "It's just freaking kindergarten."  My son is a good kid having a difficult time adjusting to a new school, a new teacher, and a new group of friends.  That would be stressful for a grad student, let alone a four-year-old boy.

Saint Marty will be praying again tomorrow.  Maybe his son will be voted "Student of the Week."

My two angels

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