Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February 25: 200,000 Views

Today, Saint Marty passed 200,00 pageviews.  I've written a little over 1,800 posts, some of them really good, some of them almost embarrassing.  I want to thank all of my disciples for sticking with me.  I know I can be whiny.  I know I can be a little self-important.  Maybe even snobby.  Yet, you've remained loyal and supportive (except for the rodent lovers).

I promise to be a better person in the future.  I will try to pray more, complain less.  Maybe, in the next 100,000 views, I will really live up to the faith and trust of the saints.

It looks like Saint Marty won't have any problem with a vow of poverty.

Thanks for the memories!

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