Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17: Monday Motivation, Blah, "Web" Dip

I'm severely lacking in motivation today.  I don't want to do anything.  Didn't want to work at the medical office this morning.  Don't want to stand in front of a lecture hall this afternoon.  I don't feel like typing this post.  I feel completely...blah.

Consequently, this post is probably going to be blah.  I don't know what's wrong with me today.  I got my usual amount of sleep last night.  I've eaten normally.  I haven't had any caffeine today, but that usually doesn't make that big of a difference for me.  I just feel like fifty shades of blah.

On the bright side, my film class is watching Pulp Fiction this afternoon, so that won't take much energy on my part.  At the most, I'll have to make a few observations at the end of the movie.  I can do that.  I hope I don't fall asleep during Pulp Fiction.  That's my biggest concern.

My Web dip this afternoon is not going to very profound.  I can't deal with any difficult or taxing question today.  So, I think I'll ask...

Am I going to stay awake in class today?

And the answer from the little spider is...

Bright and early, Lurvy put clean straw in Wilbur's crate and lifted it into the pigpen...

Well, Lurvy has energy.  I guess that means I'm going to make it through Pulp Fiction without drooling on myself.

Saint Marty may have to get a Diet Mountain Dew on the way home.

This pretty much says it all...

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