Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28: Grading Midterms, Writing Christmas

I'm sitting in my university office this evening, grading midterms and writing about Christmas.  I have two classes worth of exams sitting on my desk, roughly 70 papers.  Not fun.  And I'm currently stuck in the writing of my Christmas essay.  Basically, I've gotten George Bailey to the bridge, but I can't get him to jump.

I grade a midterm.  I try to write.  I grade a midterm.  I try to write.  That's the rhythm of my night.  Pretty soon, I'm going to break out my iPod to try to drum up some yuletide musical inspiration.  I can almost see where I need to go with my essay, but I simply can't find the words to get there.  Perhaps Bing Crosby will make the tumblers in my brain click into place.

Time to grade another midterm.

Anybody out there have a cup of eggnog to share with Saint Marty?

Jump, George!

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