Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October 23: Book Club and Hash

Tomorrow night my book club meets at my house.  This month's book is Stephen King's Dr. Sleep.  I know I'm not going to finish reading it by the time people start showing up tomorrow evening.  I'm working on it.  If I didn't have to register patients or teach tomorrow, I may have gotten it done.  Unfortunately, I have to do both of those things, so Dr. Sleep will remain unfinished.

I did make corned beef hash for book club.  I had the corned beef and hash browns and roasted red bell pepper.  I mixed it all together, heated it up, and added salt and ground pepper.  It tastes pretty good.  My wife wants to have some of it for lunch tomorrow.  I suppose that's a compliment.

If you're reading this post and know how Dr. Sleep ends, drop me a line.  Tell me what happens.  Don't worry about ruining the book on me.  I usually read the last chapter of the book first anyway.

It probably has something to do with Saint Marty's fear of the future.  Or his fear of clowns.

My vote is for the clowns.  They're scary shit.

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