Thursday, July 21, 2011

July 21: More Submssions, New Poem, Poetry Reading Tomorrow

I spent part of my morning submitting more poems for publication, this time to The MacGuffin.  I shot really high yesterday with The Atlantic.  Today, I was much more realistic.  I looked for a magazine I actually stand a chance of getting into.  Five more poems, plus cover letter, in the mail.

Being more realistic today
The rest of the day has been taken up with work and finishing my new poem, which I think turned out really well, although only poets and writers who are trying to get published will find it funny, probably.  That's OK.  The poetry world is inbred.  Full of people who read and appreciate each other.  Pat each other on the backs.  Tell each other how important and good their poetry is.  I love being around poets.

Tomorrow night, I'm going to the Butler Theater in Ishpeming to hear some people read poetry and fiction and creative nonfiction.  I know one person fairly well, one person socially, and one person not at all.  I'm going for the person whom I know fairly well.

Come join in the fun!
If you want to be blessed by Saint Marty's presence tomorrow night, meet him at the Butler Theater in downtown Ishpeming at 7 p.m.  He'll be the one drinking the wine.

Submissions Accepted

Despondent Deconstructionist Review now
Accepting submissions for its fall
Poetry issue.  Wants poems
Of beauty and truth, or ugliness and deceit,
Focused on European-Jewish experience
Of lesbians and transsexuals,
Or vampires from outer space.
Will consider poems traditional,
Experimental, traditionally experimental,
Experimentally traditional, and haiku,
As long as they are not too short.
Please no pornography or swear words
Unless necessary for subject matter,
Or completely gratuitous and obscene.
5 to 438 pages, comic-book sized,
Not Archie Double Digest-sized,
More like monthly X-Men-sized.
Receives 128,436 poems per year.
Publishes 1.5 of those poems.
Reading period December 5 and 6.
Responds in 1 to 3 years.
Depends on backlog.  Pays in
Dairy Queen coupons and postage stamps.
"If you submit to us, expect
To be rejected.  Great poetry,
Like great poets, comes
From miscarriage, divorce,
Famine and genocide.  Desert places,
As Robert Frost said.  Although,
We don't like Robert Frost."
Send SASE with submission.
We burn all manuscripts.
The circles of return to birth
Can only remain open, but this
Is a chance, a sign of life,
And a wound.  Jacques Derrida.

Derrida's spontaneously deconstructing!

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