Thursday, July 21, 2011

July 21: Another Hot Day, Battling Skunks

Well, it's only 6 a.m., and already the temperature is hovering around 75 degrees.  It's going to be hot today.  Not as hot as yesterday, from what I understand, but still pretty darn toasty.

At the moment, I'm watching the landing of the space shuttle Atlantis.  The last of the space shuttle missions.  It's a little sad.  For as long as I can remember, the space shuttle has been a part of my life.  Challenger, Enterprise, Atlantis, Columbia, Endeavour, Discovery.  All history now.

By the way, I'm totally skunk phobic now.  I stepped out of my front door yesterday morning, started walking to my car, and had several moments of panic when I mistook my shadow for a skunk in the grass.  I actually screamed like a girl.  Quietly, but I screamed.

More to come later.  Hopefully, I'll get my new poem finished.

Saint Marty hates skunks.

So long.  It's been good to know ya.

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