Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 26: Another Great Start

I just got to work and found out that one of my coworkers called in sick.  That throws a little monkey wrench into today's surgery schedule.  (Yes, I teach college AND run a business office for an outpatient surgery center.  Need I remind you that I'm an adjunct?  Translation:  no tenure, no health insurance, no full-time teaching schedule, no way I can support my family on that.)  I generally don't like to start my day with a problem.  Last week, it was a skunk.  This week, it's an ill coworker.

I plan to send out some more poems for publication today.  I have the magazine already picked out.  I just need to look at the submission guidelines, pick out which poems I'm going to send, and write a cover letter.  That will take me a little while.

One of my best friends (who also happens to be a coworker) is coming back from vacation this morning.  I'm excited to see her.  I've written about Wonder Twin before.  She's my long-lost twin.  When she's at work, my day always seems to be a little easier, lighter, grounded.  I'm sure she's not happy to be done with her vacation, but I've missed her.

Welcome back, Wonder Twin
More to come later.

Saint Marty is going to have a good day.

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  1. Why thank you Wonder Twin. I was glad to be back! Well maybe just glad to know I was missed. Had a good day. See you on Thursday.