Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 2: Book Signing, New Cartoon, Lawrence Welk

Greetings, faithful reader!

Generally, I avoid using exclamation points.  They are one of the most useless punctuation marks ever invented.  I don't need a little dot and a line to tell my audience to be excited or angry or emotional.  However,  I am recovering from a low blood sugar, and it's been a really long day.  Plus I don't have anything very exciting to write.  Therefore, I will indulge in the exclamation point to try to generate a little enthusiasm.

If you are wondering how my poetry reading went yesterday, I will tell you.  I had a really good time.  I think I read well, and my poems were well-received.  They made people laugh, which is what I was hoping.  My newest poem, "Bow Rye," made a really strong impression.  I was shocked.  Of course, there was hardly anybody there, but the reading was still good.  The other poets were wonderful writers and readers.

Today I had a book signing at a local bookstore.  Nobody showed up to buy my book.  I did a book exchange with one of the other poets there.  In the last day, I've picked up three new books of poems through exchanges.  It's been great.

Tonight I get to watch The Lawrence Welk Show.  I don't know why I feel so tired right now.  I haven't really done anything today, besides drinking a chai tea and talking about writing.  I did draw a new cartoon, but that's about it.  I plan on continuing my trend of lethargy.

Saint Marty is ready for another nap.

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