Sunday, July 10, 2011

July 10--Take One: Race, Parade, Fireworks, New Cartoon

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, July 9.  Time just ran screaming from me.  In the morning, I ran a two-mile race with my family.  I took fourth place in my age bracket--older than dirt, male.  My daughter took fourth in her age bracket--ten to twelve, female.  My son, whom I pushed in a stroller, took first place in his age bracket--one to five, male.  He got a medal.  And my wife walked the whole way with her sister and our niece and nephew.  They got the congratulations-you-finished places in their respective age brackets.

Then I rode on a parade float for church.  I played keyboard in our praise band.  That was a blast, but hot as Hades.  Afterward, I took a nap.  (Remember my age bracket.)

I played organ for mass, gobbled down some pizza, and took my daughter and her friend to some fireworks.  That's a thumbnail sketch of July 9.

Saint Marty did take a few minutes to draw a cartoon at the fireworks.

Confessions of Saint Marty

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