Thursday, May 3, 2012

May 3: Road Trip, Howell, Dance

Tomorrow morning, I and my family will be taking off for exotic Howell, Michigan, for a weekend of intense dance competition.  When I say intense, I mean intense.  These young girls and their teachers take this stuff very seriously.

I am not looking forward to the drive or the cost of the gas or the cost of the hotel.  I am also not very fond of the greasy fast food that will be wreaking havoc on my digestive system all weekend long.  I am looking forward to the look of joy on my daughter's face as she dances.  I'm looking forward to swimming in the hotel pool.  I'm looking forward to seeing one of my best friends on the way down to the competition.  In the end, it all balances itself out.

This post will be my last until tomorrow night in Howell.  I will be very tired, probably ready to kill my children.  I know, however, it will be a good weekend, if I can set aside my concerns over finances.

Saint Marty will see you in Howell.

The Griswolds are hitting the road

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