Monday, May 28, 2012

May 28: Quick Run, Quick Post, Quick Pic

I went for a quick run this afternoon.  When I say quick, I don't mean I was running quickly.  I mean I was running at my normal, plodding pace, but I only ran for about a mile and a half.  It took me about twenty minutes or so.  It was hot and humid.  I was sweating like an icicle in Fiji by the time I was done.

The food is almost done cooking for the barbecue, but I wanted to send out one more quick post today.  I've been lazy in almost every other aspect of my life, so I figured I better do something of merit.  I'm not sure if this post counts.  Any how, the bratwursts are grilling, and the watermelon is cut.

My daughter took the picture below with my iPad while we were at the cemetery for the Memorial Day service this morning.  This sign is hanging at the grave of my wife's mother, who was taken away from us too soon.  She died before my wife graduated from college and long before our wedding.  Her mother, obviously, never met our daughter.  My wife still misses her mother terribly.

Saint Marty going to spend some time with the people he loves now.

In honor of a wonderful lady

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