Friday, May 25, 2012

May 25: A Good Soul, Better Situation, Job Interview

"I'm sure he's a good soul!" said Mrs. Cratchit.

"You would be surer of it, my dear," returned Bob, "if you saw and spoke to him.  I shouldn't be at all surprised, mark what I say, if he got Peter a better situation."

Mrs. Cratchit and Bob are speaking of Scrooge's nephew, Fred.  Fred has stopped Bob on the street to console him on the death of Tiny Tim (this scene comes to you courtesy of the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come).  Bob and his wife reflect on the kindness of Fred for a few moments, Bob even hinting that Fred may help Bob's son, Peter, obtain a better job.

My wife is at a job interview as I type this post.  She got home yesterday morning after receiving the news that we have a $1600 repair on her Subaru to somehow finance next week.  About a half hour later, the phone rang.  It was a local bank calling to set up an interview with my wife.  Frankly, it had been a couple of weeks since she dropped off her resume and cover letter, so she had pretty much written this job off.  I'm not sure if this is some kind of divine joke, but my wife getting even a part-time position (a "better situation," as Bob says) would be a huge help.

I was feeling quite low yesterday.  I wasn't sure how we were going to get the car fixed and make it through the summer, financially.  And then this little rainbow of hope.  I hear stories like this in church all the time.  Surprise checks in the mail.  Bills paid by anonymous benefactors.  However, I'm usually a glass-half-empty person, especially if some rat bastard comes along and swills down my Diet Mountain Dew.  I need to remember those moments of grace.  Windfalls of money at just the right time.  Unexpected words of kindness when you're feeling sad or stressed.  Glass-half-full stuff.

If someone right now were to offer me the choice of having a good soul, like Fred, or $1600 dollars...I'd take the $1600.

Saint Marty ain't no fool.

Empty or full, just show me the money

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