Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 20: A Run, Sprinklers, New Cartoon

It has been in the 80-degree range all weekend long.  A couple of months ago, I got really sick, couldn't run without hacking up a lung.  So I didn't run.  For a long time.  Well, I ran about a mile and a half yesterday afternoon, and I nearly died.  This afternoon, I ran the same distance, and it wasn't any better.  My calves feel like they've been stomped on by a buffalo.  However, I feel good about myself.  I just can't get off the sofa.  (I also realized that I need a new pair of running shoes.)

My kids played under the sprinklers at my parents' house this afternoon.  It reminded me of when I was a kid.  On a hot day, playing under the sprinklers was like going to Disney World.  I was dumping buckets of water on them, and they were getting completely muddy.  It was a total blast.  I felt like the father of the year, and all I was doing was drowning my daughter and son with freezing cold water.  They loved it.

Saint Marty is loving the start of summer.

Confessions of Saint Marty

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