Friday, May 25, 2012

May 25: Climbing Sugarloaf, Pictorial Post

This afternoon, my wife, son, and I climbed Sugarloaf Mountain.  It was the first time ever for my son, and it was the first time in quite a few years for my wife and myself.  It was a lovely day, moderate and sunny.  What follows is the pictorial narrative of our ascent and descent...

At base camp

Stopping for refreshment

An excited little sherpa

Some exotic local fauna
Yes, we took the difficult trail
The little sherpa near the summit
Stopping one last time before conquering the summit
Celebrating on the summit of Sugarloaf
An ancient Boy Scout monument against the Yeti
A view from the summit
And another view
The little sherpa doesn't want to descend
On the way down
The little sherpa leads the way
Almost near the bottom
Doing the traditional victory dance at base camp
The wise little sherpa wants to climb back to the summit again
Saint Marty now knows what Sir Edmund Hillary felt like.

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