Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 20: I Got Nothin'

The title says it all.  I got nothin' for this second post.  I got no ideas.  No jokes.  No stories.  No poems.  No satisfaction.  (Yes, that is a veiled Stones reference.)  I got no chocolate, unless you count the chocolate chips with the baking supplies.  I got no Diet Coke, no Diet Mountain Dew.  I got no pizza, no Cheetos.

I got no patience, no motivation.  I got no get-up-and-go.  My wife just asked me to turn off the TV.  So I ain't got no TV now, either.  No music.  It's still around 80 degrees outside, so I ain't got much clothes on.

What Saint Marty does got...a Twinkie in his book bag.  That'll go well with his nothin'.

Preach, George...

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