Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 13: 1500 and Counting

My last post was number one thousand five hundred for me.  That's 1500.  I didn't realize I was going to hit this benchmark tonight.  I feel like I should do something to celebrate.

I can't afford to order a pizza.

I don't have any liquor in the house.

I don't have any chocolate.

I can't do a head stand.

My dancing embarrasses my daughter, which really won't stop me.

I used up all my fireworks on July 4.  I don't even have a sparkler.

I guess I'll just heat up a hot dog in the microwave, pour myself a glass of water, and watch America's Got Talent.

Saint Marty knows how to live on the wild side.

Can I get a "yippee"?

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