Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19: Speaking My Mind

I went to church meetings tonight.  I was tired.  I was hungry.  I was hot.

At the first meeting (Worship Committee), which I chair, I spent almost the entire hour discussing a problem that has been ongoing for almost four years.  It's a discussion we've had every month for the last two years.  Frankly, the discussions are never fruitful.  Tonight was no different.  Nothing was really solved.

And then I went to the second meeting, and when the pastor asked me to speak about the problem, I did.  Honestly.  Bluntly.  Not very tactfully.  I think I made some people very uncomfortable, and I didn't really care.  I was tired of circling the issue, so I met it head-on.  And everyone pretty much just sat and listened.  My favorite part of my little presentation was when I said, "I don't really care if people out in the pews like the music or the video.  I could care less.  It's not about them.  It's not about me or the pastor or the choir director or the organist.  It's not about anyone at this table.  Sorry, folks."  I looked around at every face.  "If you're coming to church to be entertained, do yourself a favor:  go buy a ticket to a movie instead.  It's about God.  G-O-D."

Yup, I might have pissed a few people off, although, after the meeting was over, a couple attendees said, "Nice job."  I think they were being polite.

Saint Marty might be looking for a new committee to chair pretty soon.

I sort of sounded like this...

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