Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 4: Blessings Today Part 2

Yesterday, I spoke of blessings I'd received, but I was too tired to go into details.  Tonight, I'd like to expand the story a little bit.

The saga of the brakes (or lack thereof) on my wife's car continued yesterday.  We found out that it's going to take over $600 to fix them.  However, the immediate, must-be-done-NOW portion of that estimate comes to around $350.

Yesterday morning, that $350 seemed as out of reach as a Nobel Prize in Literature.  Then, things started changing.  Through the good will of our church and an unexpected gift from some very kind people, the Nobel Prize is within reach.

On top of that, late yesterday morning, my wife got a phone call for a job interview.  She interviewed in the afternoon, and now she's waiting for a final meeting with the regional manager next week.  I'm not saying it's looking good, but, considering where we started at the beginning of the day, it felt like God was raining blessings on us.

We have an appointment at the garage on Friday morning to get part one of my wife's brakes taken care of.  Next Monday or Tuesday, my wife will have another interview.

It's almost enough to make Saint Marty believe that things are going to be alright.  Almost.

Hope is on the way

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