Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10: Motivation Drought, Jobs, "Web" Dip

Every day I work at the medical office, I find myself struggling for motivation.  I show up with the best of intentions to accomplish a great deal, but, pretty soon, I fall into a line of thinking that goes something like this:
  • You are a good employee.
  • It really doesn't matter whether I'm a good employee or not.
  • People are counting on you to do your work.
  • But those people are taking your job away from you and making your life a little hellish.
  •  I can't feel proud of my work because it just doesn't matter.
  • Is it lunchtime yet?
It's a motivation drought.  I've been experiencing it for the last couple weeks.  I don't feel like doing anything, especially hunting for a new job.  The very thought of it makes me tired.  I can't convince myself that this is some kind of wonderful opportunity to stretch my limits and try new things.  I'm even struggling to string sentences together for this post.

Perhaps this bout of ennui has something to do with daylight savings time and the fact that I lost an hour of sleep last weekend.  Or it could have to do with the fact that it feels like my life is slowly being dismantled, one occupation at a time.

I'm going to do a Web dip, but I'm not sure that E. B. White has the solution to my problem:

Am I going to start feeling more motivated soon?

And the answer from White and company is:

After lunch, they stretched out and fell asleep.

OK, that sounds like a great idea, but it certainly doesn't inspire me to greater heights, loftier goals.

It inspires Saint Marty to take a nap.


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