Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24: Gratitude Twenty

Today, I am grateful that my sister is safe.

Let me clarify.  I have several sisters.  Five, to be exact.  I also have three older brothers, but that's a whole other post.

Anyway, this morning, as my second eldest sister was driving to work, she got T-boned by a truck.  It was early and dark.  She didn't even see the vehicle coming.  The miracle is that, even though she was struck on the driver's side, she walked away uninjured.  The airbags deployed, and she had to crawl out through the passenger-side door.  But, aside from some cuts and bruises, she's fine.  (I have a feeling she's going to be sore as hell tomorrow.)

Her car, on the other hand, is probably totaled.  It was brand new.  She's only owned it for a few months.  When I spoke with her this morning, she was calm.  Almost zen-like.  I'm not sure if she was in shock or medicated.  She actually said to me, "I have to believe this is all God's plan."

That's a tough one for Saint Marty to swallow, but he's still very grateful his sister is alive and healthy.

I've never understood these damn diagrams!

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