Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17: Gratitude Thirteen

I am grateful that I have a job interview on Thursday.

But it's a mixed bag.  I'm happy for the possibility of a job to replace the one that I'm losing, but it's still a replacement.  I'm not overjoyed at the prospect of new employment.  I was just speaking to a friend from the English Department, and I told her, "The idea of learning a completely new job makes me a little weary."

Now, I know I sound like a spoiled, whiny asshole.  There are people out there who would kill for this opportunity.  People who've been unemployed for years, not months.  I feel guilty complaining about my job search.  I need to change my attitude because I know any prospective employer is going to pick up on my lack of enthusiasm.

I am grateful for the hope this job interview gives me and my family.

Hope has been a rare commodity in Saint Marty's household for a while.  Like platinum or black truffles.

black blobs of truffle hope

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