Wednesday, June 6, 2012

June 6: Big Plans, Bigger Plans, Thwarted

I had big plans for today.  I was going to start a new poem based on Allen Ginsberg's Howl.  Didn't happen.  I was going to finish rereading Life of Pi.  Didn't happen.  I have bigger plans for tonight.  I'm going to pick up tickets for my daughter's dance recitals this weekend.  I'm going to go for a run with my son, pushing him in the stroller.  I'm going to clean the crap off the top of my dresser (there's a lot).

With the way my earlier plans panned out, I'm not expecting to actually accomplish a whole lot else today.  I will pick up the recital tickets.  I may go for a run with my son.  I'm thinking the dresser thing probably isn't going to happen.  The word for the day, kids, is "thwarted."  Can you say that with me?

Yes, it's pretty typical of me to have huge ambitions at the beginning of a day and then slowly chisel away, delete, rearrange, and reprioritize until my ambitions consist of (1) wake up; (2) try not to piss too many people off; and (3) go to bed.  I figure that, if I pick up those dance tickets, I'm ahead of the game.

Saint Marty isn't being lazy.  Just realistic.

It's good to have ambitions

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