Friday, June 1, 2012

June 1: Project Happiness, Early Success, Rest of Day

I've decided to type my second post early today.  That way I stand less of a chance of screwing up Project Happiness.  Yes, I've had some early success with maintaining a positive mood and attitude.  I haven't made fun of anybody.  I haven't gotten snippy on the phone with anybody.  I haven't felt like saying, "You know, my life would be much happier if you weren't so stupid," to anybody.  So far.  That's why I'm cutting my losses and blogging early.

The rest of my day is going to be busy.  (When I survey my weekly schedule, I really don't have a day that isn't busy.  All I have are days that are less busy than others.  Currently, my least-busy busy days are Saturdays.)  I have to go grocery shopping.  Then I have to pick up my daughter from school.  Then I have to drive my daughter to her tap dance class.  Then I have to take my wife and son for a walk or some kind of physical activity.  Then McDonald's.  Then I pick my daughter up from the dance studio.  Then I go home.  Then I get my son bathed and in bed.  Then I clean the bathroom.  Then I sweep and Swiffer the floors.  Then I dust.  Then I...Sorry, I got carried away.  I don't think there's anything after dusting.  You get the idea, though.

The only thing I will promise is that I will try to complete all of the above tasks with a stupid smile on my face.

Saint Marty can do stupid smiles.

Can't do smiles quite this stupid, however

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