Monday, October 30, 2017

October 30: Satanic Pope, Jack Prelutsky, "A Wolf is at the Laundromat"

Well, I survived reading my poem at the Halloween Spectacle.  I even enjoyed myself, despite the cold.

Now, I am preparing for All Hallow's Eve tomorrow.  I'm attending my son's costume parade in the morning.  He's dressing as a Satanic pope.  (I wasn't with him when he picked his costume.  Therefore, I wash my hands of any permanent psychological or spiritual damage my son may acquire as a result.)

Tonight, I have a Halloween poem from one of my favorite children's poets--Jack Prelutsky.  I used to read his poetry to my son and daughter at bedtime.  Now, they sort of snub their noses at such childishness, which makes me a little sad.

Saint Marty has to read Jack Prelutsky alone these days.

A Wolf is at the Laundromat

by:  Jack Prelutsky

A wolf is at the Laundromat,
it's not a wary stare-wolf,
it's short and fat, it tips its hat,
unlike a scary glare-wolf.

It combs its hair, it clips its toes,
it is a fairly rare wolf,
that's only there to clean its clothes—
it is a wash-and-wear-wolf.

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