Friday, June 23, 2017

June 23: In Defense of Poor People, Arthur Rimbaud, "The Poor Man Dreams"

Well, I want to say something in defense of poor people tonight.

Poor people deserve the right to be happy and healthy.  Those two commodities should not be reserved for people with money and power.  If I'm sick, I should receive care.  If I'm hungry, I should be fed.  If I'm naked, I should be clothed.  If I'm grieving, I should be comforted.  Sound familiar?

Saint Marty is just giving you some beattitude tonight.

The Poor Man Dreams

by:  Arthur Rimbaud

Perhaps an Evening awaits me
when I shall drink in peace in some old Town,
and die the happier: since I am patient!
If my pain submits, if I ever have any gold,
shall I choose the North or the Country of Vines? …
- Oh! It is shameful to dream - since it is pure loss!
And if I become once more the old traveler,
never can the green inn be open to me again.

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  1. We could use a lot more of Mother Teresa's spirit in the world. I can think of a president who needs to have his ass haunted by her.