Saturday, June 10, 2017

June 10: Love Fest, Kazim Ali, "Sleep Door"

Today is all about love for me.  Love for my kids.  Love for my wife.  Love for dance.  It's going to be a regular love fest.  After the dance recital tonight, we will go out for a burger and fries and ice cream.  We will sit and laugh.

That is my day.

Saint Marty has a love poem for you today.

Sleep Door

by:  Kazim Ali

a light knocking on the sleep door
like the sound of a rope striking the side of a boat
heard underwater
boats pulling up alongside each other
beneath the surface we rub up against each other
will we capsize in
the surge and silence
of waking from sleep
you are a lost canoe, navigating by me
I am the star map tonight
all the failed echoes
don't matter
the painted-over murals
don't matter
you can find your way to me
by the faint star-lamp
we are a fleet now
our prows zeroing in
praying in the wind
to spin like haywire compasses
toward whichever direction
will have us

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