Saturday, June 17, 2017

June 17: Late-Night Tweets, Dorothy Parker, "Poem in the American Manner"

Okay, I have been trying to stay away from being political in my blog posts.  However, when I read this poem by the Poet of the Week, I immediately thought of the current leader of the United States.  I can't help myself.  It sort of sounds like a series of late-night Tweets to me.

Saint Marty hopes you take this post as it was intended:  to make you laugh and think a little. 

Poem in the American Manner

by:  Dorothy Parker

I dunno yer highfalutin' words, but here's th' way it seems
When I'm peekin' out th' winder o' my little House o Dreams;
I've been lookin' 'roun' this big ol' world, as bizzy as a hive,
An' I want t' tell ye, neighbor mine, it's good t' be alive.
I've ben settin' here, a-thinkin' hard, an' say, it seems t' me
That this big ol' world is jest about as good as it kin be,
With its starvin' little babies, an' its battles, an' its strikes,
An' its profiteers, an' hold-up men—th' dawggone little tykes!
An' its hungry men that fought fer us, that nobody employs.
An' I think, 'Why, shucks, we're jest a lot o' grown-up little boys!'
An' I settle back, an' light my pipe, an' reach fer Mother's hand,
An' I wouldn't swap my peace o' mind fer nothin' in the land;
Fer this world uv ours, that jest was made fer folks like me an' you
Is a purty good ol' place t' live—say, neighbor, ain't it true?

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