Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 18: A Day of Struggle

It has been a day of struggle.  I forgot my keys to the office and was late clocking into work.  A half hour of frustration.  The dictation system for the doctors was not running properly.  Another half hour or so of frustration.  I had to deal with some pretty difficult patients during the course of the morning.  Let's say two hours of frustration in total.

Then there's Words With Friends, which I'm currently playing with several people, and I'm losing every game.  Every game.  I'm an English professor, and I'm losing every game.

I just discovered I have to pay a medical bill for labs my doctor ordered.  In the past, these labs were completely covered by my insurance.  No longer.  I have to fork over the money, to the tune of almost $200.  Major frustration, bordering on rage.  At my employer, the insurance company, a country that lets health care providers charge patients so much money for preventative medical tests.

Tonight, I have practice with the band I'm in.  Another hour--hopefully not of frustration.

Saint Marty has had a really long day.

I suck at this game right now!

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