Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 17: Rain, Rain, Go Away

Well, it's raining right now in Marquette, Michigan, which puts a little kink in our plans of meeting up with K and her daughters.  We won't be able to play at the playground.  We may not be able to go swimming in Lake Superior if there's thunder and lightning.  For the last week or so, the temperatures have been in the nineties with patchy rain.  And now, when I'm actually depending on nice weather, God decides to unload some crap.

However, I am not going to let this little setback ruin my evening.  I will pick myself up, dry myself off, and figure out an alternative plan.  Hopefully, the alternative will not be too expensive.  I can't afford it, and neither can K.  Perhaps we will hit McDonald's or Burger King.  Some place with a play area.  I'm not sure if K will go for that.  K is a wheat-germ-and-yogurt kind of gal.

That's all I have tonight.  No news about poetry contests.  No raises in salary.  No offer of a full-time, tenure-track teaching position at the university.  No sightings of Bigfoot.  No close encounters of the first, second, or third kind.  No winning the lottery.  No book deal.

Just Saint Marty.  Saint Marty's family.  K.  K's family.  And rain.

Not in my future tonight

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