Tuesday, February 8, 2022

February 8: Go Deep, Sobbing Mess, True Break

Santiago waits for the fish to jump . . . 

"God let him jump," the old man said. "I have enough line to handle him."

Maybe if I can increase the tension just a little it will hurt him and he will jump, he thought. Now that it is daylight let him jump so that he'll fill the sacks along his backbone with air and then he cannot go deep to die.

I am not going to go deep with this post.  I'm tired, and it's late.  I've spent the day meeting up with friends.  Had some beers.  Shared some stories.  And then, tonight, I watched Il Postino with my son, which left him a sobbing mess at the end.

It was a good day, with only a few moments of sadness.  Tomorrow morning, I return to work at the library.  I feel much more rested than I did last week.  These last few days, I've taken frequent long naps and avoided checking my e-mails.  I wanted a true break from everything.

Even as I return to my "normal" schedule, I don't think it will actually feel normal.  My life has changed permanently.  So, I'm going to try to give myself a little grace tomorrow.  Hit the ground walking really fast instead of running.

Saint Marty is going to miss his naps.

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