Monday, September 16, 2019

September 16: But That's Crazy, Bullies, Donald Trump

WARNING:  Do not read this post if you are a Donald Trump supporter.  It may offend you and make you feel really bad about yourself.  Or it may incense you and make you hate me.  Proceed with caution!

Bullies will be bullies, even if they're interstellar cops . . .

"Now, listen to this, Beeblebrox, and you better listen good!"

"Why?" shouted back Zaphod.

"Because," shouted the cop, "it's going to be very intelligent, and quite interesting and humane!  Now--either you all give yourselves up now and let us beat you up a bit, though not very much of course because we are firmly opposed to needless violence, or we blow up this entire planet and possibly one or two others we noticed on our way out here!"

"But that's crazy!" cried Trillian.  "You wouldn't do that!"

"Oh yes, we would," shouted the cop, "wouldn't we?" he asked the other one.

"Oh yes, we'd have to, no question," the other one called back.

"But why?" demanded Trillian.

"Because there are some things you have to do even if you are an enlightened liberal cop who knows all about sensitivity and everything!"

"I just don't believe these guys," muttered Ford, shaking his head.

One cop shouted to the other, "Shall we shoot them again for a bit?"

"Yeah, why not?"

They let fly another electric barrage.

The heat and noise was quite fantastic.  Slowly, the computer bank was beginning to disintegrate.  The front had almost all melted away, and thick rivulets of molten metal were winding their way back toward where they were squatting.  They huddled farther back and waited for the end.

Bullies come in all shapes and sizes.  Sometimes, they're Kill-O-Zap toting space cops.  Other times, they're classmates.  Occasionally, they can be brothers or sisters.  And, of course, they can be the people we love the most.  Spouses.  Significant others.  Boyfriends.  Girlfriends.

Currently, I live in a country where bullying has become acceptable.  The man currently residing in the Oval Office is responsible for that.  While his wife has supposedly made the fight against cyberbullying her main issue, Donald Trump has made bullying and cyberbullying his primary means of getting what he wants. 

Now, I'm not saying this because I'm looking for an argument.  I am simply stating a fact.  Donald Trump has been a privileged bully his entire life, and he has raised his children to be the same.  If you don't believe this, read his daily Twitter feed.  Watch him interact with members of Congress.  Listen to his campaign rally speeches.  He attacks.  He whines.  He blames other people for his failures.  He takes credit for successes that weren't his.  In short, he is a narcissistic bully.

What I have just said in the above paragraph is nothing new.  It is a rehash of everything that has been printed about Donald Trump since he became the Republican candidate for President of the United States over three years ago.  During his campaign, I remember travelling through downstate Michigan and seeing an advertisement at a huge shopping complex stating that Donald Trump would be holding a rally there in a few weeks.  At the time, the idea of Trump being President of the United States was a joke.  (It still is, actually.)  And I said to my wife as we drove by the sign, "Want to come back to see him?"  She shook her head, and we laughed.

Here we are, over three years later, with Donald Trump thinking of going to war with Iran and having the power to do so.  We have put the safety of this country into the hands of a man who has no foreign policy experience and whose election was solidified by agents of the Russian government.  (If you don't believe me, read the Mueller report.  Actually read the whole thing.  Don't read the Trump Cliff Notes version written by Attorney General William Barr.  It's pretty clear that the only reason Mueller did not pursue legal action against Donald Trump is because he lacked the official power to do so.  That power resides with Congress.  By the way, Mueller is a Republican.)

I am tired of listening to the news every day and hearing about bullies.  Gun-toting bullies.  Elected bullies.  Swastika-ed bullies.  Homophobic bullies.  Xenophobic bullies.  These people, who have crawled out of the shadows since Donald Trump became President of the United States, need to return to those shadows. 

We fought a World War to defeat bullies.  To insure that this kind of hatred would never cause the deaths of millions of people again.  Yet, here we sit in 2019, watching history repeat itself, and it's terrifying.  Donald Trump idolizes bloodthirsty dictators.  He took the word of Vladimir Putin about Russian tampering in the 2016 Presidential election OVER THE UNITED STATES INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY.  He met with Kim Jong-un to talk about disarming North Korea and didn't disarm anything.  He just legitimized Kim Jong-un's bloodthirsty regime.

If any of these actions seem legitimate to you, then you are probably a bully, too, and I don't really worry if I've offended you.  Go out and book your trip to the nearest Trump 2020 MAGA rally, because I am done with teaching my son that bullying is wrong while the leader of the United States sits on his toilet in the middle of the night, tweeting out hate.

Saint Marty thinks Donald Trump should serve a long in-school detention, where he should write on the chalkboard, over and over, "I will not be an asshole."

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