Sunday, September 15, 2019

September 15: Sabbath, Rest, Writing

Welcome to the end of my Sunday.

Usually, one of the first things I do on this day, after I go to church, is sit down and pound out a sabbath post, because I usually have so much to do on Sunday to get ready for the coming week.  Instead, I did my day in reverse.  I got all of my class prep/work prep done first.  Now, at 8:20 in the evening, I'm sitting down to pound out my sabbath post.  Don't hold any high expectations for what you are about to read.

Generally, I don't get a whole lot of rest on the sabbath.  I move from one task to another, without too much of a break.  In fact, most of my days are like that.  Mondays, I work and teach and write and plan.  Tuesdays, I work and plan and clean my church (that's my fourth job, if you're counting).  Wednesdays are the longest for me.  I work and teach and office hour and teach.  It's usually about a 15 to 16 hour day.  Thursdays are my lightest days, usually.  I work and then go home, unless I have some poetry thing in the evening (which has been happening for the last couple months).  Fridays, I work and then clean.  My weekend doesn't usually begin until about 7:30 at night.  Saturdays, I do my house cleaning.  Plus, I pick out church music and play the 4 p.m. Mass.  Sundays, as I said, are reserved for getting ready for the upcoming week.  Church in the morning.  Classwork and work/work in the afternoon.  In the evening, I'm brain dead.  Which brings us back to Monday.

Put the above paragraph on repeat, and you have a little idea of what my life is like.  If you saw any actual sabbath rest time in there, let me know.  I haven't been able to squeeze that in yet.  I have to think that the ancient Israelites didn't really follow the whole resting of the sabbath, either.  I mean, they had crops to tend, sheep to shepherd, cheese to make.  If they took a day off, people didn't eat, livestock died, and feta spoiled. 

I guess "rest" is a relative thing.  For example, typing this blog post is not a chore for me.  That's why I decided to do it last.  It's my reward for doing about five hours of lesson planning and grading and e-mailing.  Some people would think of writing as a chore.  I don't.  For me, writing fills me with joy, unless I'm so tired that I can barely focus, which is the state I'm approaching right now.

In the best of worlds, I would write these blog posts in the morning, when my mind is fresh and unclogged from the day's worries and trials.  That would be ideal.  I find I write better in the morning.  However, I do not live an ideal life.  I work.  A lot.

So, right now is my sabbath.  About two hours of relaxing writing before bed.  It may be one hour tonight.

Saint Marty is fading fast. 

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