Monday, October 29, 2018

October 29: Rabbi Allen S. Maller, "When All That's Left Is Love," Pittsburgh Shooting

When All That's Left Is Love

by:  Rabbi Allen S. Maller

When I die
If you need to weep
Cry for someone
Walking the street beside you.
You can love me most by letting
Hands touch hands, and
Souls touch souls.
You can love me most by
Sharing your Simchas (goodness) and
Multiplying your Mitzvot (acts of kindness).
You can love me most by
Letting me live in your eyes
And not on your mind.
And when you say
Kaddish for me
Remember what our
Torah teaches,
Love doesn’t die
People do.
So when all that’s left of me is love
Give me away.


I am tired of hatred.  Tired of guns and violence.  Tired of leaders who send thoughts and prayers with one breath, and call Nazis and white supremacists "good people" in the next breath.

Make no mistake:  what happened in Pittsburgh is a direct result of the 2016 presidential election.  Hatred has become acceptable in America.  Pipe bombs and shootings at synagogues, simply political inconveniences.

I am heartbroken for the Jewish community.  I am terrified for my country.

Saint Marty has no other words. 

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  1. I arrived in Pittsburgh for a conference as the shooting was happening. I've been impressed by the grace and courage of those most directly impacted. The rabbi of the synagogue when asked what he thought of the president's plan to visit said, " I will always meet with the President of this country. " I felt called by his words to try and put differences aside at this time and focus on being present to witness the courage of survivors. The sisters of one of the dead said, "He was the most loving person." And one sister added, "I will not hate." Somehow we need to nurture that spirit of reconciliation, including voting for those who have a vision for healing in our country.