Saturday, May 26, 2018

May 26: Gina Myers, "Memorial," Life and Death Lessons


by:  Gina Myers

          for J

In my life so much happens
that I would like to write about,
but then something else happens
& things are always happening.
You, my friend, are underground
& will always be there. I did not
help you, but you always helped me.
When I was an atheist, I believed
in people. Now as a nihilist, my grief
has no hope. And I could say
there is no reason to keep going,
but then I think of, I think of you.


It has been a heck of a year so far, with my father passing in February.  My mother still asks about him, talks about him as if he's out on a plumbing job.  Some days, she doesn't remember what her last name is.  She wants to sign her maiden name instead.  Since my dad's been gone, time has sort of taken a few steps back for her.

I know that death is a part of life, just as much as births and baptisms and weddings and graduations.  Believe me, I know this.  I have been lucky to have family members who taught me what living a good life is all about.  My sister, who's been gone almost three years now, taught me about selfless love and generosity.  My father taught me about devotion and hard work and family sacrifice. 

My mother, I think, is teaching me how to live out the end of life gracefully, with love and humor.

Saint Marty is thankful for these lessons.

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