Thursday, April 26, 2018

April 26: William Stafford, "The Well Rising," I Believe

The Well Rising

by:  William Stafford

The well rising without sound,
the spring on a hillside,
the plowshare brimming through deep ground
everywhere in the field—

The sharp swallows in their swerve
flaring and hesitating
hunting for the final curve
coming closer and closer—

The swallow heart from wingbeat to wingbeat
counseling decision, decision:
thunderous examples. I place my feet
with care in such a world.


I believe in climate change.  That the levels of the oceans are rising.  That humankind is the culprit.

I believe that fossil fuels are not good energy sources.  That the people of the world need to figure out how to live using less (or no) gasoline and oil and coal.

I believe that sulfide mining is inherently damaging.  That it destroys habitats and pollutes pure water sources.

I believe in God, and I believe in science.  I believe those two beliefs are not mutually exclusive.

And, like William Stafford, Saint Marty believes that we all need to place our feet with care in the world.

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