Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May 2: Long Day and Evening, Melissa Broder, "Hope This Helps"

It has been a long day of waiting for news about my brother's health.  I now have that news.

It will be a long evening of grading papers and final exams.  Red ink on my fingers.

Saint Marty needs some help tonight.  Maybe some cookies and milk.

Hope This Helps

by:  Melissa Broder

We need a loving grown-up to give us advice
and that loving grown-up is the universe.
Who wants to go to the universe for help?
You can’t touch the universeor kiss its mouth
or stick your fingers in its mouth
though sometimes the universe works horizontally through people
and I like that.
My friend channeled the universe
when he said I was milk.
My friend said I was born milk
but then grown-ups poured in lemon juice
which makes sense
because I’ve always felt like rotten cottage cheese
and I’ve been running around the planet
like I don’t want to be this
when in fact I am milk
and was always milk
and will always be milk.
I don’t think this is a story about blaming grown-ups
for the ways we are ruined.
I think this is a story about knowing what we are up against
mostly ourselves
and what our essential consistency is
which in my case is milk
and in your case is milk
you are milk you are
milk you are
so milk.

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