Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May 30: Ravenous Blob of Plasma, Les Murray, "Science Fiction"

In keeping with my previous post, I found out that Les Murray has something to say about science fiction, as well.  I'm not sure Murray's vision of the future is very comforting, but it proves that science fiction isn't just about a ravenous blob of plasma that oozes all over town, absorbing everything in sight and growing to the size of a blue whale.

No.  Science fiction can be about hope and loneliness and pain, as well.  It's about possibilities.

Saint Marty sees a cheeseburger in his future.

Science Fiction

by:  Les Murray

I can travel
faster than light
so can you
the speed of thought
the only trouble
is at destinations
our thought balloons
are coated invisible
no one there sees us
and we can't get out
to be real or present
phone and videophone
are almost worse
we don't see a journey
but stay in our space
just talking and joking
with those we reach
but can never touch
the nothing that can hurt us
how lovely and terrible
and lonely is this.

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