Sunday, May 4, 2014

May 4: Sabbath Shopping, Sabbath Eating, Sabbath Classic Saint Marty

I had a complete Sabbath today.  I slept in.  I had a Sabbath breakfast compliments of the Holiday Inn Express in Howell, Michigan.  I went Sabbath shopping with my family, where I bought some Sabbath new jeans, khakis, shirts.  Then I went out to lunch at Sabbath McDonald's.  After lunch, we went to a place with Sabbath arcade games, laser tag, and a monstrous indoor play structure.  For dinner, we went to Sabbath Outback Steakhouse, where my daughter ordered Sabbath filet mignon.

I guess you're getting the idea.  I did nothing particularly productive today, except play with my kids and eat.  Stay tuned for major guilt tomorrow.

I have a Classic Saint Marty from last year.  It was written while I was in Brighton, Michigan, at last year's dance competition.

May 5, 2013:  Sabbath Day

I actually had a sabbath day.  I did no work.  I didn't have lesson plans to create or exams to grade.  I didn't read anything, and I didn't write anything.  In fact, this post is the first and only obligation I will honor today.  Other than that, I've played.  I ate breakfast (my daughter had bacon with a side of bacon), shopped (clothes and jewelry for my daughter, toys for my son), joined my daughter and son in the swimming pool (lots of squirt gun action with daddy), and then went out for dinner (at the Outback Steakhouse--my daughter said it was the best dinner she's ever had).

I don't remember the last time I've had an actual sabbath where I've done absolutely nothing.  I know that I'm supposed to keep holy the Sabbath, but I've been a church musician since I was about 18 years old.  That's almost 30 years of working on the Sabbath.  I'm used to working on Sunday.  It felt odd not to work this morning.  In fact, I woke up, and one of the first thoughts through my head was, "What am I supposed to be playing today?"  It took me a few seconds to remember where I was and what I was doing.

I could easily get used to this kind of Sabbath.  I like taking a day off.  Of course, I also like getting paid, as well.  I won't be getting a day of rest like this again until October, when my daughter attends her dance convention in the Wisconsin Dells.  Funny, I only rest on Sabbaths because of dance.  This morning, my daughter bought me a bracelet.  It has a silver face that simply reads "Daddy."  I'm wearing it now.  She bought a bracelet for herself that reads "Daddy's Girl."  She's wearing hers now.  And that's what this weekend is all about.  Focusing on being the best father I can be.

Saint Marty thinks that's the greatest way to honor the sabbath.  With love and devotion.

I call it work

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